It was all a lie

Monday was a hard day.

It was the day that I realized my last relationship was a façade.
It was a long emotional Talk on my account.
I heard a lot of lines of I can’t & I couldn’t.…there is no such thing as I can’t
Everything is possible as long as you want them bad enough….the correct line would be I don’t want to …

There will always be higher mountains and deeper seas but if you let them be an obstacle for reaching the things in life and chose the safer road that road will eventually collapse on you.
I will overcome them all because I want to….I will never settle for less because I love and respect myself to much.

They have a lot of sayings in love like
If you love someone let him go if he’s yours he will come back
Or Love Conquers all

Well he never came back So I guess  he never loved me the right way to make it work and fight for it
And love didn’t conquer all So it never really was love at all

The things I wanted him to do where things he said he couldn’t….But I know he can I can see it in the things you do with her…so the right saying in this part is I didn’t want it with you

Why is it so hard to be honest with someone…the lies hurt even more and I caught him on more lies even now…Why??? You don’t have anything to lose anymore.

 realized now he never loved me It took me a while but I finally got it
It’s time to get back in the saddle and move on.
It will take a while till my heart will be healed but I know I can because I want to…

And someday he will find out what loving someone really means.
And all the bad things you did to me the lying and not respecting me will come back for you in Threefold , because that is the way karma works.
Then you will finally realize the pain and sorrow  you caused, cause you will go through them  with someone who will treat you the way you did me…..

The one thing i will never understand why he ever asked me to marry him…

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