Missing you


Just a few days away from your Bday unfortunately it won’t be a celebration cause your not here any more.
It’s funny how I keep forgetting every ones Bday but yours I just can’t forget.
It’s been over 5 and a half years now that you left us and it still hurts.
I still remember like it was yesterday when I received that call word by word….my world broke apart.
It’s silly how I can remember that so clearly but the sound of your laugh is getting harder and harder to remember.
They say the pain goes away…it didn’t I just learned to live with it.
I can finally talk about you without crying it took me a long time to get there.
There is still so much I wanted to tell you, wanted to do with you
I’m sorry I got scared and took my distance, I’m sorry I couldn’t express my feelings, I’m so sorry for the things I didn’t do.
I just couldn’t cope with it.
We changed when you left, you took a part of me, a part of us.
We are not the three musketeers anymore.

You taught me to open up, to say what I have to say and never take things for granted.
To be the best I can be, To enjoy life the fullest and never settle for less and when I forget my lessons I can feel you around me guiding me, watching over me to make sure I’m save.

Thank you for being my Angel I miss you still and love you always…till we meet again

I know life sucks
you had some difficult times
but you stayed strong
all I can say is you lived your life to the fullest
you will be missed
now you can rest
I´ll keep you alive in my heart

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