Project Nicole

So most of you know  i’m on different dating sites… which is such a good place to be to find that dream man…….and I AM SOOOOO CLOSE!!!..;) But to help destiny a little bit more… read this!
(There will be a blog do’s and don’ts available in the near future to help some guys or girls out..;) LOL ) 

But anyways a friend of mine is getting married soon and i’m supposed to bring a date….. which I explained to her that i’m still SINGLE so there will be no plus one as usual….
But she insisted….so I would have someone to dance with and be all moochi….
(Gues my friends are kinda tired of my single status….3 1/2 years go figure..;))
So i tried to explain to her that I could entertain my self just fine.
I’m not a shy person and not afraid to talk to strangers. (ok if I do see someone who I find really cute it will get a little bit harder ….but a good drink will help me get over that..;) or better yet two or even three..;) )

But like I said she insisted and hinted to bring my nephew…which made me feel like such a Nerd….but who knows maybe I will if project Nicole doesn’t work..;)
(In the Arabic culture it’s not so strange to date a family member..;) )

So my dearest family, friends, acquaintances, followers etc etc….
I’m calling this Project Nicole
If you would love to go on a date with me ( to be specific a WEDDING if you didn’t get it yet..Don’t worry not ours…:P) or know someone who does?
Don’t hesitate to mail or let me know somehow….

YES didn’t knew it was possible to feel more like a nerd than i did before but it’s official after I post this blog…OMG  *BLUSH*
Feel free to share my Shame…:P

BTW..This is me…:D

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3 Responses to Project Nicole

  1. There is no shame in going with someone you’d have fun with… It’s what I would’ve done. Too much importance is put on the who rather than the why. Take someone who can help you celebrate…if it’s your nephew, great! A lot less pressure that way!

    • Nicole says:

      So True…I already have my back up plan…that would be my best friend..;)…with my nephew it would be a bit awkward slowdancing with…;)

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