The Big Bad C….

The Big bad C ….almost every one has lost someone of this terrible disease….
but for me this is the very first time  this disease has struck some one who is very close and precious to me….

I have known you for more than half of my life….if it wasn’t for you I would be in the gutter some where…you where there for me when I needed someone the most….
I remember that day as if it was yesterday…..The day you became my best friend.
14th of August 1996….I don’t need to talk to you every day or see you as often
to know you will always be there….to be my friend.
We shared so much joyful moments and of course some bad….

There was a time you had a big Afro…I told you you needed a haircut…So I trimmed your hear with a clipper.
It was the first time when I noticed a lump on your jaw behind your ear….I asked you if it hurt or that it felt strange???
It didn’t… I have been pushing you for so many years to go to the doctor and check it out….

Just this year you finally went  because it started to grow…..
After a lot of testing and research you finally knew what it was….
I was blown away with this terrible news….
I was Mad… Sad….but most of all really scared…..
And stil my mind is full with Questions…
What if …Why…How…When… are a few..
A lot of those questions I would probably never get an answer to….

But know one thing we will face them together…I will be there like you where there for me …. We can cry …laugh…. and Beat this like we have overcome so many things in our lives and our friendship will only become stronger….You are not alone.

august 31 will be another memorable day…It will be the day we Kicked Cancers ass right out of our lives!
So Big Bad C …. FUCK YOU!!! get the Fuck out of our lives! You’re gonna get Crushed!…

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2 Responses to The Big Bad C….

  1. amadiex says:

    I was really touched by your post. You are right that the big “C” has touched almost everyone. I just wanted to say I admire your strength and hope that you are giving to your friend. Support is key. Thank you for your post!

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