Typical Girly Girl

So I’m still trying to find out what the hell is wrong with me??
Am I Broken?? Is there something wrong with me??

HELL NOOO! I’m just Me!! not the typical girly girl
And someday I will be found by you…
Excepting me at my worst and deserve me at my best
That is if destiny doesn’t keep screwing me over….

I’m not the typical girly girl..
Yes I do like the colour pink…but prefer blue…
I did like Barbies and my little pony…but still preferred action figures like Luke or Han and liked GreySkull more that my doll house…

And still even now…being 33 years old…I still am a big fan of Starwars…
And the child in me loves to have game nights
I grew out of my barbies but still like to dress as one occasionally
Huge fan of Playboy and NO I don’t read the articles I just like the bunny
Prefer a big fat meal over a salad and give a good burp when done….actually not just then…BURP!!

Yes I’m not the typical girly girl
I’m just being me……

Even in a relationship I am not the typical girl.
Not the jealous type
Need my space….But still love to have my sex regularly
That doesn’t mean I don’t care for you and only using you…No that just mean I like it a LOT!!  Beats batteries…;)
My friends are still more important….they where there before you…and will be there always…
Don’t make me choose…I will always choose them… No matter how cute you are
Honesty  first even when it hurts
With equally respect and trust there is a lot that can happen…

Yes that is just me…not the typical girly girl…
But will have that guy saying someday…you complete me…
Well handsome…you had me at Hello..:P

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