Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right….

The road to finding Mr. perfect is a long and hard one….
(no I don’t mean it like that pervert…:P But I do wish he has one..;))

I know Mr perfect don’t exist  but I want some one that comes close…
The older you get and the more failed relationships you have….
The list of demands is getting longer and longer….;) …and you just don’t wanna settle for less…
Some friends are trying to set me up and that is real sweet…
But kismet is’t that easy to steer…
So for those who are trying to set me up with some one… here are my demands..:P

Never been married but wanna marry someday….. (your wedding day should be one of the most special days in your live I wanna experience that for the first time together)
Don’t has kids but wants to have them someday….. (getting in a relationship with 1 person is hard enough and i just don’t wanna deal with exes)
He’s younger then me or my age…Yes I know I’m such a pedophile..:P
He’s Caucasian or light skinned….Slightly toned or Buff…I just don’t fancy a beer belly…:P
He is taller than me even if I have my 6 inch heels on..:D
He has a good size… Whoever said it’s all about the motion in the ocean is soooo lying…size does matter….whoever disagree just has a small D.
Someone who has a job…if you’re on welfare for more then two months…your just a Lazy ass
Someone who is not jealous…or impatient…who will give me my space….Yes I know I have commitment issues…
Likes and has ink…kinda bad ass but with a great hart…. 
Can be romantic cause i’m sooo not…My idea of being romantic is spooning for 5 minutes after having some kick ass sex.
A movie addict and serie junky just like me
Someone that will be honest even when the truth hurts…
Someone who is not afraid to take risks..
Someone who knows how to take care of himself and his family…
Someone that is openminded but with some oldfashioned values and a bit crazy
Someone who can see his partner as his equal
Someone who doesn’t smoke…. Or drink on a daily basis (I don’t need an alcoholic)
Someone who knows how to cook….cause yeah love does goes through the stomach…:P but also make sure you have a good appetite for sex..;)
Someone who knows how to handle a spirited woman…and her Suit fettish… CALL MEEE!!

These are just a few of my demands….WHAHAHAHAHA…but the most important ones..;)
So if you know someone who match my list en looks like Eric Balfour , Jensen Ackles, Bryan Greenberg, Ian Somerhalder or….whatever Hunky Dude hook me up…:P

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One Response to Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right….

  1. Clark Kent says:

    Nice my friend… you might add the rules I have on my blog.. About things you should know about a woman.. these are a perfect add to that! 🙂 great blog!

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