Do’s and Don’t …internet dating!?

So my dearest seekers…’s about time to tell you about the do’s and don’ts of…


Some how there are still people that don’t know that even on the internet there are rules…rules for setting up a profile on dating sites.

Your profile needs to be a good picture of yourself not of some famous hunk
Which you think you look like…Cause you’re just NOT him
No pictures of you with a girl who is been cut of…It make us wonder….you’re probably a player.
No pictures of you in a speedo…NO NO NO NO….There is just no reason for it…Unless you are a REAL HUNK….and 9 out of 10 times you’re not…
And even then you’re probably not relationship material.

Put on a profile tekst…..what you are about  and or are looking for…
No tekst it’s like …you’re not really interested of  making an effort to play the game

Don’t ask questions of which you could have found the answer on her profile
That makes you look like your not interested in her but just trying to get in her panties…
If you have mailed her once and she didn’t replied don’t send the exact same mail again a month later…she’s probably just not interested
Don’t talk about you’re ex (it looks like you’re still not over her)….the ex part is only allowed after date number two

There you go…Good luck..;)

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