New Chapter

I scream at the top of my lungs…. but you won’t hear me
open up and see…what could be…their is no need to be afraid

I have always thought of what could have been…. the first time I ran away…being afraid..regret I never told you before..
I’m not asking you to move in…I’m just asking for a real chance…to get to know you…

You talk about being ready to find love…
Yet you are not…maybe you are…just not with me…
Hiding behind excuses…
Be a man and be real with me…honest…even if the truth could hurt… 

You say you don’t want to hurt me…yet you do
Just say want it all…I’m just not the one you want it with…
If you where honest…just said what was really on you mind…It would have made more sense…would have hurt less…

So i’m hoping you will write an amazing chapter
Be all you can be…get everything you want
I’ll close my book before even starting on our chapter
Before you could have seen how amazing we could have been

I truly wish for you all the happiness, luck , love etc etc a man can have


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One Response to New Chapter

  1. Patrick says:

    Just started writing a new chapter. Let me known when you’re ready with your book!

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