The Happy Anniversary

He woke me up with the most delicious breakfast you could imagine
Fresh fruits, warm croissants, freshly blend strawberry/orange smoothie accompanied by
Six red roses, one for each year we are together since our marriage…
The only thing he wore was an apron……you know whats gonna be for desert…;)

That is how it should have been…But things didn’t really go as planned
I dumped his ass on what should have been our wedding day after I postponed the wedding 3 months before that.
The first year after that I was filled with doubts did I made the right decision?

Runaway Bride
But now thinking back it was the best decision I have ever made
I loved him very much …but I never was really in love… he annoyed me often
They say love is blind  and it’s true…I forgave him things I would normally never allow
I have learned a lot from that relationship…Mostly on how a relationship should be
The relationship we had was destructive…. it made me a person I never wanna be again
After I broke up…I was in pieces and had to pick myself up again
I got more selfish, more confident and in the end loving me more (all in a good way..;) )
It was a lesson I needed to learn to be who I need to be

But it still stings a little seeing my wedding dress hanging in my closet
My dream dress….my dream house….but still no prince charming…..
(well that last one is very complicated..:S even though I promised myself I would never do complicated…so lets add that to my new year resolution..;))

I have come along way…So Happy Anniversary to me
I’m proud of who I have become and still evolving…
Thank you for being the person I can count on
Even though sometimes you are over analyzing…:P
Keep on loving yourself more, stay confident and strong, positive and loyal
Honest and real and everything is gonna be ok!

Happy Anniversary Nicole…Never forget!!

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1 Response to The Happy Anniversary

  1. Nicole says:

    I will Love My self till death do me part….;)

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