Open letter to Samsung part 2

WHAAAATTT!!!??? OMG!! REALLYY???? IS IT FINALLY COMING??!! I screamed this morning.
It was my first reaction when I woke up…I was wide awake and that barely happens when my alarm goes off. Because you wrote me an email…
Could it be??!!  I need to win this! Are you really going to mend my broken hart??!!
(Read my previous open letter to Samsung to understand Click here)

Samsung you truly broke my heart last year. It was hard I really didn’t know what to do.
I had multiple discussions with my friends, family and co-workers.
They didn’t believe in you any more and called me a fool for stil loving you….
I gave you chance upon chance…and I told them; really guys you got to trust me he is going to make up for it on my Birthday jan 5th on CES 2017 I know it!… and you didn’t…
And they laughed at me again…and I told them again; Trust me guys he is going to make up for it at Mobile World Congress in February…and you didn’t…again…
I was ridiculed by my friends….you are hurt me soooo bad…:(
And still I stood up for you and promised my friends… no really this time for sure in April!!…and you failed me again….
You had me waiting for sooo long and honestly I was almost about to cheat on you…

I’m going on vacation in October and I need a good supporter.
A partner in crime to help me find all the local good spots. To make some memories and great pictures so I will never forget…
Yes I have got to admit I was about to cheat on you… I’m sorry… but come on you kept me waiting for almost a year!

I already told you I cannot manage that long anymore….
It’s getting old…Kept freezing… and the battery wouldn’t last more that 5 hours…
Yes sure you wrote me a letter back…but still no answers… (Click here to see what you wrote)
You suggested I maybe could go for an S7 edge…I already told you that isn’t an option

You truly broke my heart…and I kept defending you over and over to my friends, family and co-workers…. even to strangers! I stood by you!
So please let this announcement be a Note8! Better yet… Let me win it.
To prove you love me back!
Cause I’ve been fighting for this relationship for soooo long.
Doesn’t that deserve something? Me having your back over and over…
I’m your Ride or Die chick!

I’m Counting down the days….I still believe in us!


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