UPDATE: I Found him, I Found my Nephew

Yes, after months of sleepless Nights
I found him.
Through an advertisement on the internet I found an email

This email address put me in contact with his friend who went searching for him for me in Blida a city close to Algiers.
Finally after months I got a friend request on Facebook of my nephew Karim
I cried tears of joy…..This feels unreal…am I dreaming?
is this finally happening?And he speaks English!
He is now A grown young man of 27 years.
Yes it is him I am overjoyed to finally talk to him

I now have his Phone number and Skype number
When he is back from his work later this evening we are gonna Skype.
I cant stop Crying and Laughing I can finally try and help him to come back home
to come see his family and start his life here with us

I directly what sapped my friend Yvonne from http://www.stichtingkindontvoerd.nl
that I have found him and asked her what step I should and can take to help him.
She emailed her contact at the ministry of Foreign business in Holland
no we wait…

My nephew had his birth certificate and went to the Embassy in Algiers.
They didn’t help him because they don’t believe that he is who he says he is.
I asked him to email me his Birth certificate so I can try and get him his passport over here.
Again now we wait…

My heart broke when he asked for his mother…I had to tell him she wont be helping
because she is to afraid to fall to pieces.

his words:

But my dady I can’t forgive him
Cause all that its him
Pls I want to do something for me
If you go to my mom pls kiss her from me
You have some pictures of her?
And don’t forget to kiss her pls

Janny Please this is for real we need your help…..He needs you and miss you so much
let’s help him together!

Karim I love you…you are my family…I will do my best to help you!
I cant wait to see you tonight on Skype and talk to you!
We will find a way to get you back home!

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1 Response to UPDATE: I Found him, I Found my Nephew

  1. JeroeP says:

    Touching! All the luck with this situation.

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