Open letter to Samsung

Dear Samsung,

You are the love of my life.
Whenever I need a new pair of shoes… you are there to help me find them…
Whenever I’m having a wonderful moment and want to save that memory you are there to make a picture.
Whenever I’m hungry you will order my food.
My dating life is what it is because you get me matches.
Even at work you are there to help me take notes.

But my love… what happened??
Usually I had you all day being there for me.
But since June this year you are failing me.
You freeze when I need you…or have no power when its crucial.
I have to charge constantly…

I know they are planning a better replacement for you…
The NOTE 7! So please keep it together till then I said…
I could send you for repairs but then nobody can reach me…
And I’m going on vacation and who will take pictures then???
I can’t miss you…

Yes finally they announced the date September 9th… I can pre-order you successor…
So stay with me till then and when I have your successor I will send you for repairs… I said…

But then It all fell apart….Samsung what the hell are you doing???
Explosion risks… battery fails… OMG… what a mess…It all turned to SHIT..
I’m trying so hard to defend you to my friends…
They don’t believe in you anymore… I still do…
They make fun of me for standing up for you…

But now you cancelled the Note 7 entirely…
What am I to do???
I send my Phone for repairs my warranty will end in February…
But still it need an upgrade…
I still believe in you…I heard rumors that you will launch the Note 8 sooner than planned
I really can’t wait till August next year…

The phone company tell me I could go for a replacement…. there is no replacement for a Note!!!
I need a phone with an s pen and a big screen…

But now I hear all sorts of things the battery supplier is backing out…
Not sure if the Note 8 Is coming…
Samsung you need to make it right with me!!
Can I still trust you?? Should I still have faith in you??
Do you love me just as much as I love you??

Because right know you are letting me down a lot!
You hurt me!
You send me a memory card to ease the pain…
Really??? you really think you can make it up with that??

NO, NO, NO, NOOOO…. I need answers! Your communication was bad!! really bad!!
You ripped my heart out and stomped on it… you really think you’ll make good…by sending a memory card??!!
I need more than that…I’m loyal to you for over 20 years…
You can do better than that…SO tell me my love how are you going to make up for it with me??
Because if you don’t and soon…I’m breaking up with you!!
And forget about the past we had….and what a past we had:

So tell me Babe…what’s next?? How are you going to make me happy again??
A big discount on a new Note phone? Extra warranty on my Note 4?
What?? Tel me babe I’m losing patience…and if I leave you…I’ll be gone forever…

Your Loyal Ride or Die Chick,



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2 Responses to Open letter to Samsung

  1. Franklin says:

    Absolutely LOVE this! You have captured my feelings exactly! Note 4 is the absolute best! Need a phone with a big amOLEd screen and an S Pen with removable battery!!! 🙂

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