Who am I?


Young at hart..(love Bouncy houses)….passionate about nerdy stuff…
Trying not to be judgmental in this selfish world….Still believe in Happy endings…
I’m an old fashioned girl with an open mind…Who can’t handle injustice….

What you can find on this blog?? Me venting about the normal things in live that keeps you busy…
Life isn’t that easy unfortunate….If you have tips and ideas to make it more simple be sure to let me know..:)
Always open to improvements..;)

Very loyal to my friends can’t imagine a world without…Most important people in my life
You know who you are Love you to pieces!!
Thank you for putting me in my place from time to time..;)
Wanna know more feel free to follow and contact me..;)

Key words:
35, Single, Spontaneous, Open minded, Caring, Straight forward, Spiritual, Strong, Independent, Corny, Brown eyed, Capricorn, Chinese sign Horse, Dog owner, Nerd, Pierced, Tattoed, Moviefreak, Serie Junky, Shoe whore, Sushi addict…Love the Triple SSS Sex Sushi and Suikerspinnen in any other order….

Likes: Movies, Series from A 2 Z, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Games, Shopping, Playboy, Shoes, Fashion, My friends, The Internet, My Dog Angel, My Work, Music, Going out for dinner, Cooking, Traveling, Art, Culture, American Football, Dating, Vodka

Dislikes: Fake people, Liars, Greedy people, Insecurities, Laziness, Injustice, When people are late, Spiders…well almost anything creepy and Crawly, Brussels Sprouts, waking up early, Fall & Winter


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